The Kimogila Claw


SHIP NAME: Kimogila’s Claw
MAKE and MODEL: KDY Corona Transport
LENGTH: 28.4 meters (93’)
COST: 30,000
Obligation: 5 per member

Silhouette Speed Handling Armor Hull Trauma System Strain
4 3 0 3 25 20


Fore Port Starboard Aft
1 0 0 1


Weapon Firing Arc Damage Range Crit Special
Dorsal Light Laser Cannon Turret 6 (5) Short 2 (3) *Amped up power


Crew: 1-4, 1 pilot, 1 Co-pilot, 1 gunner, 1 engineer
Passengers: 6
Consumables: 6 months
Hyperdrive: Class 1
Hyperdrive Backup: 10
Sensor Range: Short

Laser Cannon:
Amped up power. Power droid generator installed in parallel with the laser cannon power module increasing Damage by +1 and Crit Range by -1. Power generator burns out on ttt. Damage and crit reverts back to normal range. (5 and 3)

Maneuvering Jets:
Jets have been slightly reshaped providing one Boost_sym.png for evasive maneuvers.

Astrogation Computer:
An R2 brain has been installed into the Astrogation computer. This added personality to the computer allows for faster travel times in Hyperspace. All Hyperspace trip durations are reduced by 1/6. (A 24 hour trip will take 20 hours)
All Astrogation skill checks receive one . Any Astrogation Droid making the skill check also upgrades one to a .


The B Team’s fabled ship: The Kimogila Claw. A modified and some-what beat up KDY Corona class transport. Like all great characters, she has some flaws and pesky little quirks, but she always comes through in the end.

The Kimogila Claw

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