Xol Nemnin

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Xol Nemnin is a Kel Dor underworld weapons and armor dealer based on the planet Korbin. Xol owns and operates a Kyrf plantation that he uses as a front for is weapons and armor dealing. He is about 5’8” and about 280 Lbs. He is getting up in the years, and is showing a good lum-belly. He has been in the black market weapons business for a long time, and has many contacts, suppliers, buyers, and of course protection. He has made a few enemies in his time. He is soft spoken and not easily upset. He does not make threats or confront anyone. When people think they can rip him, they often think they are getting away with stealing from him, with him being none the wiser. In reality, he is very wise, and not easily coned, but will not directly confront people. It is said that when most of these people leave Korbin, they are never heard from again.

Species: Kel Dor
Planet: Korbin
City: Joy

Current Trust meter: 15

Trust meter:

Obligation: 2

Xol Nemnin

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