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Korbin is a planet in the Inner Rim. It was a mining colony until its mines ran dry. It has kyrf plantations. It is considered a good port for pirates.

most of Korbin is uninhabited, but does have four small cities scattered around it. The largest, and the “capitol” is Pleasant City. The only true star port is also located here. The other three smaller cities are Joy, Happy, and Peace. The criminal underworld gave these cities the cheerful and upbeat names as a cruel joke.

Xol Nemnin owns a Kyrf plantation to the south of Joy
Drelmar Bin owns a Kyrf plantation just north of Pleasant City

While Korbin is not technically a shadow port, it does lie far major Hyaperspace routes. Most navigational data does not carry updated routes to this planet. Without updated information traveling here can be difficult, risky, and time consuming.

Korbin’s main indigenous life form is the large Korbin Scrub Lizard.


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