Death Watch

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The Death Watch was far from loved in the eyes of many Mandalorians. To most, they were considered little more than savages, hooligans, and undisciplined thugs rather than soldiers. Following the outbreak of the Mandalorian Civil War, Jango Fett considered the Death Watch to be “ex-Mandalorians” due to their radical beliefs and refusal to follow the Mand’alor. The New Mandalorian government labeled them as terrorists and vandals for their destructive actions in opposing the government’s peaceful ways.4 Walon Vau, a member of the Cuy’val Dar, was known to say the Death Watch was the only group he truly considered his enemy. Kal Skirata, another Cuy’val Dar member, felt that the Death Watch—at least its incarnation under Tor Vizsla—was more interested in theft and other crime rather than their supposed goals of reinstating a Mandalorian empire.

A small group of Death Watch were attacked enroute to deliver a valuable item to Reom on Nar Shaddaa, all of the members of the team were killed except for one, who managed to get away on his jet pack.

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Death Watch

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