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The Dark Star Chronicles

Job Log: 2016-12-10

[Apologies for the OOC post, but I wanted to get the notes down without delay. Feel free to provide any updates I need to make with details I have missing or wrong.]

The Crew:

  • Jerec Predne, the Colonist from the Core
  • Tah Hornan, the Bounty Hunter from parts unknown
  • Tym, the Technician from Nar Shaddaa

The Supporting Cast:

  • R2-H3, our astromech droid and getaway driver, possibly bugged by the Rebellion.
  • Hu Chaang, a pudgy lowlife Kel Dor. Our employer.
  • Reom, a shady Twi’lek who owns IsoTech. Their employer.
  • The Death Watch, Mandalorian terrorists turned to crime.
  • Wah Me [deceased], a rather unfortunate Quarren working for Hu Chaang.
  • ???, a frightening guy in a white-and-gold mask. Hu’s employer. May be some kind of Jedi?

The Job:

  • Recover a jewel stolen from Hu Chaang’s crew. Or that Hu Chaang’s crew failed to steal from the Death Watch. The important thing was to get the jewel from the Death Watch.

After taking the job, we investigated the scene of a shootout between Hu’s crew and the Death Watch, at Docking Bay 8389, finding one body remaining from each. Tym checked the computers while Jerec and Tah checked the bodies. Tah set off a booby-trapped gun on the Mandalorian, taking a nasty explosion to the chest. Among the clues, we found information on the job that the Death Watch had been hired to do, including plans for the exchange with their employer, Reom, owner of an illegal tech company.

The clues led us to a large building where the Death Watch was waiting for the exchange on one of the upper floors. While Tym hacked the systems to lock the doors, geeked out over building schematics, and got into a fight with a wrench-wielding Ugnaught, Tah and Jerec accidentally stumbled into a Black Sun diamond deal while investigating death Watch escape routes under the premise of scanning for toxic mold. After extracting ourselves from our respective quandaries, the crew came together to assault the Death Watch. The grunts went down quickly to Tah’s assault, but the ringleaders proved to be deadly combatants with military-grade weapons and armor. Thankfully, R2-H3’s quick thinking and utter disregard for property damage led to Tah’s poor SoroSuub Challenger crashing through the wall and taking out the three lieutenants. The leader escaped.

The crew grabbed the downed thugs’ jetpacks and gave chase through the alleys of Nar Shaddaa. Though the crew came away safe with the MacGuffin intact (moments before what would have been a deadly rooftop crash), the Death Watch leader got away, and may seek revenge.

With some annoyed renegotiating on delivery of the jewel, the party walked away with a bit of extra money, a car repair, and parts for a specialized hacking data pad for which Tym found the schematics earlier. Hu’s employer showed up, all in white with a white-and-gold mask, to claim his jewel and freak us all out.


Wow, awesome notes and adventure log. Thanks.
Awarded 5 XP.

Job Log: 2016-12-10

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