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The Dark Star Chronicles

3-10 to Christophsis

Nar Shaddaa Connection 1-21-17

3-10 to Christophsis
Roleldar Hayes – pilot
Sin-gar – gunslinger
Tah Hornen – bounty hunter indisposed
slicer – indisposed
Basstion Dec’con – sawbones
Jerec Predne – Politico

Other Encounters
Dyson Kloor – The Cleaner
Motton (Tyson) Kloor – the survivor(the chicken)

Dusty Tauntaun a den of misfits and undesirables even on the Smugglers’ Moon but even odd pieces have to make ends meet. But for a specific few some connections end up being parts of bigger puzzles.

“No I am serious, gents, I know suman has been following me. Maybe it was the guerfel that we left at the refinery” Basstion pleaded with crew on deaf ears. Sin-gar cut in “You mean the guy that fell into hole to the center of the moon’s reactor? Well your non-sense aside” pointing to the door as Jerec walked in from the street waving the crew over. “We got word for a job from one of my contacts. We have to leave now, he is a sketchy sort we have to meet him on a space station a bit away. Tah and Tym are not joining us on this one so clear your tabs we will be departing shortly.” Jerec directed the crew with a honed sharpness as the crew cleared out of the hub of villainy. “Boska boss man.” Basstion called over from the waiting turbo taxi for the dry dock.

The 720 ripped into existence out of hyperspace near a small satellite station. No hails, no active transponder, no movement at all accept and odd U shaped racer maybe. It was obviously Incom made remarkably similar to a speeder they released years earlier. Basstion shifted around in his chair. Unsettled by the ship, or maybe the station but he was obviously distracted. Roleldar began docking procedures an easy task for him but with the almost derelict space platform seemed unsure if it would split in half between the two docked ships.

As the air lock whined open the dank air rushed in. The smell of ozone and spice his Basstion an unpleasant tinge. Jerec leading the group inward was stopped by a rushing T’wliek obviously holding on by a thread before his next hit. Sin-gar went to react Jerec held his hand up staying the gunslingers barrage. “Voluw you said you had a job?”. Jerec conversed with his unstable contact as the others stood in the connection bridge. The halls covered in carbon scorning and muck. Roleldar looking over the walls began to back up to a bench. “I wouldn’t pateesa there isn’t a disinfectant strong enough to get the glaze of this place off of you.” Basstion quipped but with more truth than comfortable to any of the trio.
Jerec waved over the crew to the other side of the connection bridge to the dock of the U shaped vessel. The air lock released and gentleman in a well kept pilot fatigue stood waiting for them. Uptight or formally military Basstion didn’t know but he was obviously trouble for him and his but hopefully he was paying.

Jerec explained that we were taking this ship to meet up with a pirate who was dealing with a “rebel” faction to get some supplies that he reneged on prior. So a babysitting job. As the airlock engaged with a suction the babysitting job seemed more like a setup for a bad holonet movie. Two lanky hard boiled socorro types stood behind a Besalisk wearing a Chirq long coat and oiled stained jumper underneath. “Hello Hello my friends ready to make some money! EHA HA HA”.

Basstion sat at an table in the lounge the crew was coming and going with no sense of urgency. H2 sat nearby babbling binary at a rodian that mistaked him for a storage hatch. His binary assaulted haled by a painful silence as the ship ejected hyper space followed by the shuttering of the ship in response. The comms belched to life. “INCOMING Every one to their BZZTEZZZ” The comm went out as a huge impact hit the ship. The lights flashed and then completely died only the runway lights remain lit. Basstion launched from the table scrambled to his feet jarred grabbing his gear and took off for the main connection hall H2 scuttled after. The panic was palpable as the crew ran fore and aft some frozen in the corridor unsure what to do. “Hand to BZZTEZZ Red BZZsTes Engineering.” The comm struggled for words but the communication was clear to Basstion engines were down. He took off down the hall against the wave of panicked crew.

Turning the corridor through the crowd long behind, Basstion came to a blast door. Not abnormal if the reactor was breached. As he reached for the opening panel H2 rammed him repeating binary string over and over. “Wait what do you mean breach. You mean there is a full bore hole through the ship!” H2 whistled at Basstion’s understand. Looking back Basstion considered trying to circle around but the impacts to the ship were steadily increasing. They were dead in the water and if that didn’t change so would everyone on board.

The crew scrambled from the bridge in a panic. The captain barely in control of his men but with no way an escape pod could leave without being caught into the gravity well and tractor beam they were loth rats running in a box. Roleldar dove into the flood of panic breaking through to the piloting rig. The controls non responsive he reached for him commlink.

Sin-gar and Jerec bee-lined to the port and starboard turret. Mysteriously empty in the panic they both hopped into the gunnery pods. Adjust the hydraulic swivel both swung to and fro lining up their shots. The mechanical crink of the canons dislodged but the chamber didn’t respond with the burst of energy. Sin-gar checked his console. Jerec checked the coupling. Both grabbed their commlink.

“Power is out, you have to get that engine up!” In unison Basstion’s commlink erupted. H3 buzzed looking at the door panel.
Basstion was bracing against the far wall eyes fixed on the airlock. Breathing in sequence. He need his lungs empty when he hit the void. In. Out. In. Basstion took off for the airlock. H3 squealed his data spike rotating into the wall jack. The airlock breach shutting behind Basstion as he sprinted down the hallway. Out. In. Clearing the third breach gate as it closed Basstion lept exhaling. The air ripped out of the compartment as decompression took hold. Basstion cleared the air lock the sudden silence of the vacuum sounded like a boom in Basstion’s ears as his momentum carried him over the gap that would have been a hall completely breached and open to space. Basstion saw the blackness and the cause of him entering it standing menacingly. The design and its purpose was easily understandable to him as Basstion mind raced to avoid thinking of anything but breathing. Basstion collided with the far airlock as H3 flew in on rocket to the door panel. As he accessed the port Basstion scrambled with the remaining wiring of the non exist walk trying to complete any circuit that would assist the astromech. The void has taken hold of Basstion as he began to black out. He felt something brush past him. All of his senses were so far away like if he was feeling tremors in a hole as the blackness he fought against consumed his mind. Basstion slammed against the ground as the cabin re-pressurized. The shock forced him to inhale smashing him from the depths of the black into reality. Coughing at the burn of life Basstion spun around. He was on the far side the gap and was alive. A marvel that soon fell back into the current nightmare he face. Corpses ripped apart from the impact strewn about the engineering department. With grimace and dedication to dive through death Basstion steeled himself pulled a spanner from the wall and took a walk among the dead.

Sin-gar heard the spool and began firing on the Tie’s that screamed from the imperial battleship. Jerec hearing the familiar kachunk of chambers engaging from a turret followed suit. Seeing the defenses reactive the crew mates resolve steeled and began filing into turrets.

Roleldar slamming against the console over and over as the the captain frantically run around the flight deck. The consoles hummed to life as if done defending the right to be shut down. Roleldar kicked the ship into high gear. The transport roared to life more gunship now then cargo in its crippled state. It lit up the sky with a barrage that cut down the offense front and began to break away. Jerec and Sin-gar gunning every imperial that passed their holo screens

H3 whistled over the comms. A raspy voice of Basstion followed “Hyper drive primed move this vapor frame ship to anywhere but here!” Roleldar cut sharp as the turrets cut through the last Tie wing smashing into a bomber that spiraled toward the ship. As the ship slip into hyperspace the bomber spiraling into now empty space.

Basstion set on a crate in the the starboard hanger ghtroc freighter inhaling through a rebreather hooked up to a med sensor from the limited supplies the crew had before he arrived. R2-H3 chirped looking over the readings. Jerec walked through the bay keeping his distance. Setting a credit chit on one of the empty containers. Obvious Basstion’s meager cut. “These rebellious friends of yours seem a troublesome sort for such little payment when things always go wrong.” Jerec didn’t respond leaving the bay H3 followed to tend to his astrogation duties. Disengaging from the crippled space station their freighter was left at no worst for the wear. The U wing faded into the black from the view port from the bay Basstion watched from. “They still do not even know what they are really fighting for or even against.” The verniers cut as the hyperdrive spooled to live and dragged the freighter to the horizon.

Nar Shaddaa waning orbit noon local. All things that matter not to any of the residents of this moon. Most didn’t even bother resetting their chronos to local orbits as they were never on the moon long. In sector G7 in the small hooble of an apartment this very update chirped on the screen followed by a sharp strike from a condenser coupling quieting the chrono. Basstion’s flat small even for Nar Shaddaa poor. The Fresher condensed into a room barely big enough for a wardrobe. The few furnishings of the room, a water condenser and purifier now missing a coupling, a table, and a cot with a dormant body laid unconscious across it hooked up to a rebreather still recovering from vaccum expose. The room was a junkyard of parts, holo prints and datapads strown around the room. The door access panel erupted into chirping. Basstion shot up from the cot. Looking around the room for his communicator. No missed connections so no one tried to contact him and on this level defiantly wasn’t a pleasure visit. Basstion pulled the rebreather off his lung well recovered by now and head for the door. A misstep caused a chain reaction of sliding datapads Basstion slide face first towards the doorway as it slid open due to his approach. A Skakoan loomed from the hall his shadow cutting across the room.

Basstion sat up “Illuminate.” The room hummed to life in a soft blue tint light. “ Can I help you?”. The Skakoan walked pass him shuffling the datasheets and pads out of his way. Basstion posed to say something hesitate as the lighting of his features made it very clear who he was. Dyson Kloor, A cleaner, a freelance collector and hitman. His presence means the Rhydonium Rifters had called in on their debt. A debt that turned out to be completely useless, as he found more about his father’s murder from the local holo-news then the “Contacts” this rag tag swoop gang come up with. But Dyson was big time so that means they traded his debt for something else. “If I could ask your business with me that or you know where the door is.” Basstion pull himself to his feet. Dyson eye completely concealed by his lenses did not respond as he visually inspected the room. Getting to the flight models and frigate designs on the wall he abruptly stopped and turn to Basstion tossing a holodisk in his general direction. “This will be done or you will see me again. You do not want that to happen.” Dyson stormed out his heavy steps of haste to leave the cluttered apartment. For effect or from pass injury Basstion did not know, nor was that his concern in the fact the black book job was now squarely his immediate concern.

Basstion passed outside the ghtroc freighter. As the crew approached responding to his emergency hail. He explained the situation in a quick and not completely revealing summary. Sin-gar was first to speak up “What is the job?” Basstion held the holo chip in his hand rolling it around his fingers. “Don’t know honestly was afraid to view.” Basstion slide it into a datapad and handed it Sin-gar. “So what does it say?” Sin-gar reviews a few slide. “A break in and theft.” Jerec looks over his shoulder “Well technically a rescue of a corporate spy.” Roleldar chimed in “What is KDT Crystal?” Basstion’s shoulders slump “That is Kuat Drive Yard Christophsis HQ. It is not an assassination but this might not be much better.”

The crew waited patiently as the turbolift climb higher and higher. The lift-tube music resonated it’s upbeat hum. From the lift you could see the spiraling jade highways cutting through the gemstone plates covering the planet’s surface. The rising star’s reflection from the surface refracting across the city made from the same composite as the planet’s crust. “I really like this song we need to get it for the ship.” Sin-gar commented. Basstion’s deadpan expression upon him looking for reaction returned the lift to the lift-tube music solo.


The crew proceeded through the floor completely barren, but covered in amber synthetic tiles that that clicked against their heels.

Two hours ago

“So we are agreed a smash and grab.” Basstion brought up a holo projection. The KDY building spun slowly. The 54th level highlighted. “Going through the front requires turbo lift access so we will be entering via the express lane.” The map completed a rotation and stopped another building appeared taller than the first. And arcing arrow went from the roof off it to the 54th floor. “Sin-gar and I will jump pack up first to verify the landing. Jerec and Roleldar will fire grappling hooks. The crystal pane here will shatter at the piercing impact intentionally for emergency purposes.” Pointing to a side of the building. “Once we are in we have to search the floor. It should be light detailed so Roleldar and I will disable the entrances to prevent security from entering then proceed to search the far rooms. Jerec and Sin-gar the near rooms. We find the package then we call in H3 who will fly in the freighter rev the rear verniers which should be enough temperature difference that will cause the the east side window panes to collapse. We grab the guy we jump on, we back to the Tauntaun by second lunch.”

But plans never go as smoothly in action then in planning.


A large Gran gizzle with scars up and down his maw wearing a security jumpsuit and a DL-44 aiming at the unexpecting but heavily armed crew.

“I guarded this tower since the clone wars and I be damned if some youths with free time are going to break in while I am here!”

Roleldar raised his blaster. Basstion pushed it back down. Basstion raising his hand waved it infront of the Gran his three eye’s. His optical tendons didn’t stress nor did his corna shift. Basstion mouthed out “He’s blind”. The turbo lift chimed be hid them. The Gran rushed forward the crew split down the middle. “Running won’t save you from me!” Clearing the door the turbolift slide closed and a blaster bolt rang out. The odd happening unfolded and completed so quickly the crew unspokenly decided not to acknowledge it and proceeded to the roof.
The window pane bursted inwards and four pairs of boots clicked onto the amber tile echoing down the empty hallway. The group hit the ground with purpose breaking up into pairs. Roleldar and Basstion headed through the vacant lobby towards the control panels. Sin-gar and Jerec prepared to breach the first room.

Sin-gar nodded and Jerec engaged the open panel. An imperial officer stood infront of the door in the process of investigation the commotion from the hall. Sin-gar entered the office in silence his boots clicking against the floor. Jerec scambled to draw his blaster. The officer reacted pulling his holdout. But too slow for Sin-gar pulling his 45 with surgical accuracy letting loose a shot that caught the officer left arm. Throwing him off balance. As he let out a wild shot toward the ceiling. Sin-gar darted out of the doorway as Jerec fired frantically into the room destroying the comm station and the desk behind the officer. The officer distracted the flame erupting behind did not see Sin-gar final shot as it cored through his jaw. His corpse dropped life-lessly his officer hat fluttered into the air. Sin-gar reached out. “Nice hat.”

As Roleldar and Basstion posted up to the entrance of the far room. Four blasters cut through the silence of the floor. Roleldar charged into the room blaster loose with erratic shots. Basstion heard the thump and a roar and watched as Roleldar was knocked back out the door way. His shoulder smoking from a bolt in response. Basstion pulled two blasters and stepped over Roleldar into the room. The armored trooper not knowing of his existence written across his face as the energy spiraled out of his double barrels piercing him in the chest and neck and joined him comrade ias crumble on the floor. The room hummed with a ray shield in the back with a Skakoan standing their defiantly. “Get me out of here you fools! I-I demand to be released what did we pay you for! I am important not a grunt like you now save me!”

Basstion looked back “ You good?” Roleldar nodded. “I will get the package you watch the door.” Basstion pulled the a maintenance panel off the wall as Sin-gar approached Jerec infile behind him. Sin-gar tipped his new hat to Roleldar. “New fancy hat?” Sin-gar replied with a toothy smile.

Basstion rummaged through a mess of wires and piping. Tracing the ground he found a small integrated panel acting as the breaker. Seeing no reason to leave the power on for the floor at all Basstion ripped the whole board out. The floor began to glow red as the lighting on the whole floor sequentially went out doors opening automatically in response. Motton scuttled heavily toward Basstion and began to say something when a metallic scrape echo down the hall. “We got company!” Sin-gar called out crouching against the far wall from the door. A barrage of blaster bolts rained down the hall. Motton grasped onto Basstion who pushed him off into the corner. Jerec fell infront of the doorway his padded defense bare from the onslaught of what was ever in the hall.

Jerec saw it moments to late a hulking goliath of durasteel plate carrying a cannon more suited for a bunker then a close quarters battle. Calling with what he had left around the corner for cover. “H3 we need you…” Jerec transmission was the last then he spoke before falling unconscious. Roleldar ran forward into the adjacent corridor to pincer the mechanized behemoth. Spinning in response he hoisted his rifle to aim after him. Sin-gar let loose a bolt of opportunity catching the power armor in the side. Roleldar responded in kind firing down on the faceless suit. A gasket released from the back of the suit sending pressurized air hissing out. The operator panicked trying to reattach the component began backing up the hallway now into open view of the Eastern window, but it’s view was different from before. Instead of a rising sun twin ion engines blazed outside of them shattering the crystal into shrapnel piercing the suit dozens of time. The injured mechanized menace completely disengaged leaving fluid trails heading back into the office he emerged from and a blast door shut behind him.

Basstion slid around the corner to Jerec medkit in hands. “Up and at’em not abandoning you yet.” Basstion injected the his ally with a cocktail of chemicals. Pulling a pump of synthetic biomass filling in the ruptured hole in his abandonment. Applying a bacta pad and double injection of stimpacks. Basstion snapped his fingers looking for a retinal response. “Welcome back! Time to go! Sin-gar grab the package!”. Basstion picking up Jerec walking him on his shoulder up the ramp deployed for the awaiting freighter. Setting him in the rear passenger seat strapped him and Motton in. As the ramp lifted and the airlock closed a familiar screech erupted from the sky above. Basstion bolted to the engineering deck looking over the scanner feeds.

Roleldar response confirmed his fears. “Imperial Ties inbound!”



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